Recently, my friend found a guitar in her neighbor's trash... It's a Yamaha HSS Strat copy. It had no strings, so I don't know how it plays, but other than a broken output jack plate, there's nothing wrong with it.

I was planning on repainting it, changing the tuners, changing the pickguard, changing the electronics and maybe pickups, and most importantly, replacing the bridge.

I'll have minimal trouble with everything except replacing the bridge. It's a cheap copy of a Strat tremolo. I want to put in a tremolo with a large bending range and good tuning stability. I'd really like to put a Floyd Rose in there, but from what I've heard, it shouldn't be attempted unless you know what you're doing (I've never done it before). Is it worth trying, or should I do something else?
get a wilkinson temelo from www.guitarfetish.com just make sure you mesure what the bridge on it is and get the right model you need.
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Well, I don't really want to exactly replace the bridge that was there; I was hoping to upgrade it to something better with improved tuning stability and the ability to bend both ways. I went onto the GFS site and saw they have Floyd Rose copies, could I install one of those? I know my previous post said that what I had heard was that it was difficult- true?
Or would one of these http://www.guitarfetish.com/USA-Strat-2-Point-Hardened-Steel-Upgrade-Tremolo-System_p_775.html be a more feasible option?