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Been working on this today and it's not finished but would be interested to see what people think of what's there so far. It's an acoustic/folk/punk song based around an idea commenting on some people's approach to government and democracy, being that it really annoys me when people say they won't vote because they don't believe in the system and complain about the government afterwards. That's it in a nutshell anyway... Anyway feel free to comment if you wish

I've been passing my time playing songs on repeat
Been renting out movies and burning the receipts
And I know that it's going to stay that way for a while
But at least I've escaped a life of subtle denial

(verse 1)
And so I'll wait for a day when the timing's right
I can't say that it's soon but it's surely in sight
And while the night is still young we'll have already won
And my faith in society won't have entirely gone

(Build up)
See I'm sick of social commentaries that just point out all the leaks
That complain but miss the irony that they can't stand on their two feet
I have a pile of spoiled ballet slips and it's taking up my space
But I know if I just use my voice I'm at least highlighting my case

(verse 2)
So if you look me in the eye and tell me you're not blind
I've no reason not to take your word and I'm just wasting your time
But if you preach of moral solitude and of supposed loss of fealty
Then you're defacing a treasure you'd be foolish to decline

And sometimes it seems like you're kicking and screaming and nobody's looking up
From whatever it is that they do each hour, each minute, each second, each lifetime