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I'm going to be getting a drum kit really soon, and i'm in need of some advice. I play Guitar,Bass & keyboard, but I've never played drums.

I'm looking for a 'real' drum kit (Acoustic, Not Electronic) that has great quality sound, but is rather compact. I have a small square in my room in which i can set up the drums & play, but then I need to be able to pack them away and have them not take up too much space. Any suggestions?


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Theres already a thread that is stickied on this, and electronic drums are real drums they're just electronic....

You might want to look at a 5 piece one.
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The best beginner set I've ever seen is my friend's Tama.


Note - don't EVER pay Muciansfriend or Guitar Center prices. They are RIDICULOUS and you can get a brand new set on eBay or Craigslist for about $100 cheaper.
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Quote by DavaRocks2012
Hey... Any suggestions?

Quit posting like a retard and give us some more info. What kind of music do you play and what is your budget (total budget for drums/cymbals/hardware), for starters? Would you be opposed to buying used?

I have a lot of suggestions for you (some of them will probably even be drum-related), but you need to give us more to go on.

EDIT: I just realized this thread is a week old. TS isn't coming back, is he? It says his join date is Sept 2012. Did he really create an account on a guitar forum so he could ask drum questions?
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I just realized this thread is a week old. TS isn't coming back, is he? /QUOTE]

He's gone, brother. I'm sorry.