Draaka Rouge - Beneath Thorns & Fog

My debut album "Beneath Thorns & Fog" is available for FREE download from my facebook page for anyone who's a fan of Progressive Metal all the way to Black Metal.

I incorporate a lot of lead guitar, piano, and dark progressions.


Also available on iTunes for anyone inclined:

Downloaded it. I'll listen to it sometime today and tell ya what i think. Thanks!

Edit: I don't know if I'm just stupid, but I couldn't find a way to download it as a whole. I could only download each song individually, which is kinda annoying.
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Thanks a lot man, and yeah I'm not really sure how to host it as a free download as a whole. It is pretty annoying.
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Just uploaded a new playthrough video of "Serpentine Awakening" from the album


Totally amazing!I would kill someone to play like you!And I am glad to see that there are people who has this kind of beliefs and at the same time they are such a masters with their musical instruments!Dies Irae,Dies Illa,Solvet cosmos in Favila!