Is there a way to change tuning after a score has been created and have all of the tab shift accordingly? For example, if a guitar track says EADGBE and you want the tab to show for Eb tuning (so all numbers would be +1 if trying to play along to a standard recorded version with a 1/2 step down guitar), can Guitar Pro do it for you?

I am using Guitar Pro 5 (can't remember what .X.X number it is off the top of my head) on Windows 7 and GP 1.3.1 on my iPhone.

Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I figured this was more "gear" than "recording" or any other ones lol.
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You can change the global tuning for the guitar used in the score and it should adjust accordingly. I can't remember if it adjusts all the notes on the sheet or not.
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Yeah, you can double click on the guitar or track label and open up the instrument options. You can set the tuning, and you can choose to re-transpose to keep it in the same key.