I got Seymour Duncan pickups, installed them, and then got some pickup covers. Do I need to wax pot the pickups? Can I maybe just put a bit of candle wax on it or something?
If I'm remembering right they need to be potted. I'm pretty sure you can google it to learn how to do it. From what I read its not terribly hard.
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the pickups should have been wax potted already. Move the ribbon a little and see if there is wax in there (most pickups are wax potted, very few are not).
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The only Seymour Duncan pickups I know of that aren't potted are the Seth Lover model. And even those may be potted at this point. Get the cover on as tight as you can. Solder it well to the mounting plate and see how it sounds. When a pickup comes from the factory with a cover it is potted as an entire piece. Potting is not hard as long as you have the ability to do it but it shouldn't be necessary to re pot.
kinda bumping here but do i put masking tape all over the front of my pickup because my pickups are flat blade humbuckers?