Now then folks - y'all OK?

Not sure if this is finished or not. I'll probably come back to it in a week or so and decide it's all a bunch of shite. For now though, here's my latest track. Make of it what you will. Would appreciate some feedback.

Fawning admiration always gratefully received, although frankly I'd rather have your honest opinion.

If you want a C4C (who doesn't?) drop me a link in your reply and I'll get on it.

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oh shut up with that /mu/ bullshit. fidget house shouldn't even be a genre, why in the world would it deserve its own subgenres you twat
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The vocals are pretty good mixed, nice and clear and the delay effects are kinda cool. I like the vibe on the vocals, fits the music well but i think you should try to sing it more power, sounds a bit weak for this type of music. The guitar tone is good but i would use less reverb and maybe boost some higher freqs to give more clarity and nearness if that makes sense. The drums are kinda weak imo, need more punch and a lot more presence in kick and the snare would probably do well if you raised the dB a bit, sounds like u got a good snare there

Cool song but the vocals could be improved in some parts and the mixing needs improvement.
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i agree with the comments by the person above the vocal mixing and effects are really nice. i also liked the little guitar and vocal bits panning quickly at different parts of the song. i feel like the drums could be more upfront in the mix though, and the guitars seem sort of washed out, but i think a little added treble may help that. songwriting wise i thought it was a strong track the groove in the first part is great it reminds me a bit of black sabbath or led zeppelin, and i love the vocal melody at the "such a mother****er" part
Good intro sound effects. I could picture Johnny Rotten/Lydon singing this for some reason. The vocals are good overall. I think the guitars sound good, good riffs. Though there is a slight muddiness to the mix when a lot is playing at once, perhaps too many effects or reverb on everything. For the first ~55 seconds, the audio quality is very good. The recording/song is quite good overall. Playing is tight. Please review my music at this link:

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I've had another stab at mixing this: I'd be grateful if some of you lovely chaps & chapessess would give it another listen and let me know what you think. Hopefully I've sorted some of the guitar- & drum-related problems out.

Will happily C4C.
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oh shut up with that /mu/ bullshit. fidget house shouldn't even be a genre, why in the world would it deserve its own subgenres you twat