So im kind of in a pickle here. My original plan was to upgrade from the TonePort GX from Line 6 to the Ux1. But then found a pretty good deal on this Peavy Vypyr. I didn't really like how the Gx sounded recorded straight to my computer and i dont do it that often but it made it sound terrible. However through my cheap speakers it sounds so-so. So i figured if i upgraded it would sound tons better. Then i went ahead and watched some reviews on the Peavy... and i must say it blows me away. So which do i get? I'm not one too record all that often but would still like that option so the Ux1 is the easiest but will it sound as good?
I mean i like the Ux1 but I'm just uncertain it will sound nearly as good as the Peavy. Also i hear the 30w is realtively loud.. and im not planning on gigging the thing just something to play in my house and what not. But didnt want to just get the 15w since it lacks the extra stomp boxes. As well as only a 30$ difference from the 30w.
The 30w CAN be dialed in relatively loud. So can a 10w SS practice amp. It has a master volume and will sound the same at 1/2 volume as it would at 5. (well, sort of).

It isn't that loud and isn't giggable. Try both out and compare them.
Alright i gotcha like i said "heard" not in person but been doing some searching. Thanks i wish i could go with both. Im gunna go ahead with the Peavy if i dont like it ill go ahead and try out the Ux1. Thanks.