I'm totally new to guitar and started taking lessons few weeks ago. ( It is a group class for complete beginners BTW)

Since I'm a total newbie (as well as the rest of the class) I thought the tutor will start with chords /chord changes and strumming patterns to build up the foundation first . But he keep on teaching us little lead riffs everyday, and I really cant see this will improve my playing.

I feel like he is trying to satisfy the students temporally rather than teaching us basic skills.

Since this is group class I really dont have say in changing the teaching pattern.

Am I right on this?Should I look else where for a tutor?

Thank you for your time
I never liked learning in a class. I prefer one on one. That way, it'll be easier to have an understanding and the teacher could be even more specific with you and helpful.

Try to get a one on one.
I've had students who have come to me from group classes and- although group classes have their advantages- its really easy to miss out on things and end up with gaps in your knowledge.

One-to-one tuition solves this problem as the teacher should be focused on you, and making sure that you understand everything before moving on.

Also, are you sure it was a class for beginners?!