Hi guyes, I have a Peavey 6505+ 112 combo and one of my power tubes are going out I can tell. So I get paid tomorrow and wanna shop for a new pair of power tubes. I don't want an overly distorted compressed tubes that sound like shit. I want really tight, crisp attack, with good mids and decent lows. Also I don't want them to cut down on amp noise/hum etc. I'm very new to tubes in general so I need help deciding. Price isn't really an issue so name away!

P.S I prefer clarity and liquid gain rather than fuzzy overly compressed gain. Definition>super high gain
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You won't get power amp distortion until you get to about 3 o'clock or so on the volume. You aren't doing that are you? You're getting your distortion from the gain knob, not the volume knob aren't you?
If so then forget about the distortion characteristics of the power tubes - that's for non MV types. You're running them clean.

If you can afford them, buy SED =C=. If they are too pricey buy JJ. JJ are the best value for money.
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+1 to the SED =C= tubes. I just recently started using them (EL34)with my JCM2000, and they sound awesome. They are a little pricey at $70ish a matched pair, but they are one of the best tubes your going to buy.

JJ's are nice also and quite a bit cheaper.
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I installed a pair of JJ 6L6 GCs in mine a while back and it was a noticeable improvement, but don't expect it to change the amp drastically. The preamp tubes changed my amp by far more than the power amp upgrade did. That's because that amp does not rely on power amp distortion to get its tone.

Like Cath said, you have to push the post-gain to 3:00 or better to get into power amp distortion -- which, on that amp, is about as loud as a commercial jet taking off.

TL/DR: Don't expect power tubes to drastically change your tone on the 6505+ 112. They are a minor (yet expensive) upgrade. But if you need them replaced, JJs are nice and affordable.
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yeah man metal amps are designed to run the power section clean....thats why deziels are like 180 watts, etc.

what you need is new preamp tubes. i recommend a tung sol in v1, and if that doesnt do it, a 5751 in v1. and a 12at7 in the last position. voila. clarity.
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