Hey you, people of UG!. As I'm currently suffering from too much caffeine at 4:33AM , I figured it's way too long since I was visiting this forum where I spent quite a few evenings as a fresh player, so I thought I'd show you guys my band, and what's going on over here.

As the newest member of a line-up that have been solid for 8 years, it's quite the challenge to get into the routines of a band with such speedy, yet complex riffs and phrases, but who doesnt love a challenge? As this band already have two official records released, and a number of demos (think Norwegian black-metal era of demos), they're already well established here in Bergen.

But to cut the crap, I'm very proud to be concidered good enough to play with theese guys and to finally step into the bigger musical enviroment that most bedroom-musicians dream of (myself included).

General info.

Genre Experimental - Black Metal - Death Metal

Thomas Skinlo Høyven - Vocals
Øyvind Madsen - Guitars, Keybords & Programming
Håvard Ekremsæter - Guitars
Vegard Hovland - Bass
Erik Heggernes - Drums

Record Label Dark Essence Records

Influences King Crimson, Satyricon, Camel, Cannibal Corpse, Darkthrone, Jethro Tull, Slayer, Emperor, Dissection

Location Bergen, Norway

And for the contest we're giving away a t-shirt/girlie + a copy of the Thorns in Existence album, plus some goodies. The contest is open world-wide, and the rules are to like our Facebook-page. It's also a good idea to subcribe to my Youtube-channel where I'll announce the winner.
Hope there's any interest in this, and please leave some feedback which is always appreciated

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SULPHURBAND
Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/Englepest
Webshop: http://astorothdesign.bigcartel.com/

Hope the photos doesnt turn into giants..