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^ Did you think that post was going to be clever or funny? lol
My God, it's full of stars!
Screamed verses, clean vox choruses. I also like choruses to sound really big, with doubling of guitars and vocals.
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Isis is amazing
Heavy multi-rhythm guitar parts. (As an example...guitar 1 grooves one riff, guitar 2 grooves another, and guitars 3 & 4 add chord accentuation. All parts are properly layered with each other.)
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Glam-coloured guitars.


How do you say "I'm okay" to an answering machine?

I like when you have people singing different things at the same time. I don't really know how to say it :/

Kind of like when the lyrics overlap. Protest does it a lot on Kezia.

This song has a little bit of it

Idk really

Pinback does it a lot

at 3:31


you should listen to the whole songs anyway though, pinback are awesome
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I like it when the song breaks down and then gradually builds up again. Like this: (3:46 onwards)

I also like this. This guy gets a cookie!
Incredibly simple chord patterns, but used in an interesting way. See Margot & the Nuclear So and So's or Portugal. The Man for examples.
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Pick slides can occasionally be cool.

Agreed, as long as they're done tastefully.

Also, some of the flashy guitar stuff guys like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Eddie Van Halen do is pretty cool. Making weird noises and shit.
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I looked up the definitions for 'gimmick', 'songwriting techniques', and 'music theory'.

Turns out they're not synonymous.

I looked up the definitions for "pedantic asshole" and "casualist."

Turns out they're synonymous.

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I looked up the definitions for "pedantic asshole" and "casualist."

Turns out they're synonymous.

Oh, due!
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When a rapper/hiphop artist tell "the producer" to drop the beat and it works very well, ala:

Also, i LOVE tasteful use of guitars in rap/hip hop music. The Northern Lights are really awesome about it. Some of the songs are instrumental (ala Explosions in the Sky) with some sweet guitar solos and some are awesome hip hop with great beats.

where have they been all my life??
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^ I just discovered them yesterday... they're awesome.
My God, it's full of stars!
its very late here and about to sleep so I cant really play music, but this is a great hip hop tune that features a simple guitar motif

the lyrics and delivery are just great. Really speaks on a deep and meaningful level. Which is a very corny and ambigous way of describing it, but give it a listen They're a very independent and rather unknown group, but the production and that ridiculous flow is just absolutely phenomenal
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I'm a sucker for gang vocal "whoas" and audience participatory "heys." In fact, anything where the audience is encouraged to wail along tends to sound pretty epic.

I like it when it's subtle.

Also, I love limited use of open note droning (or whatever you'd call it), and when one guitar plays the same thing as the other, but an octave higher or lower.
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i like the way some bands dress, like the ramones with their leather jackets, jeans, and sneakers, the beatles with their suits and mop heads, and slash with his hat and sunglasses etc...
Overuse of effects. Like The Mars Volta and The Fall of Troy.
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I like it when it's subtle.

Also, I love limited use of open note droning (or whatever you'd call it), and when one guitar plays the same thing as the other, but an octave higher or lower.

Never took you as a Brand New fan.
Auto-Tune, not so much because I think it sounds good, but because watching people bitch and moan about it like it's the end of music have provided me with hours of entertainment.

Also cocaine.
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John Frusciante

sums it up quite right there aint cha laddy old lady doodle doo mhm?
*Harmonizing shitz
*Music that tells a story / has emotions
*Odd time signatures that makes you head bang
*Guitar solo based on the vocal melody (the way the vocals are sang)
*Dramatic screems / shouts
*Sudden break and then a short melody, resume to the song
*Circusy themes in metal
*Slap guitar/bass
*Use of exotic scales/arpeggios/instruments
*Not playing verse-chorus-verse-chorus structured songs
*Guitar solos
*Drum/bass/keyboard/anything other then guitar solos
*Album covers that make you think
*Male and female vocals
*'Evil' sounding riffs
*Sludgy breaks
*Ending a song in a boom instead of fading out
*Lyrics with a meaning
*Cartoony vocals in black metal
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The staccato-y bits in Prog Metal songs mostly in which the keyboard player, guitarist, and possibly the bassist play in unison or each play a note after each other. The solo section of Metropolis Pt. 1 is a good example of the former. Behold The Arctopus' Transient Exuberance and Dream Theater's Erotomania are the best examples I can think of for the latter off the top of my head.

like king crimson? 21st century schitzo is what jumps to the top of my head.
or all of btbam...
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Never took you as a Brand New fan.


But yeah, Your Favorite Weapon and Deja Entendu are among my list of favorite albums.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
Prototypical breakdowns
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Big fan of classical sounding melodies in songs... big, big example here is Glenn Tipton from Priest. Stuff like the chorus of The Ripper, solo's of Hell Bent for Leather, Freewheel Burning, The Sentinel... My favorite is the neat little riff after the Freewheel Burning solo.
Oh yeah, Maiden too. Dance of Death has these brilliant little Celtic sounding melodies.
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When rock tenors just wail away in outros with their "yeah"s
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It's a really general discription, but I like it when the bass doesn't spend the entire song following the guitar. Roots notes are easy, and boring, but creating an independent part that meshes well is fantastic.
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When some guy in the band, usually the drummer goes ' 1 2 3 4!!' before the start of the song.

Spamming pentatonics around the 12th fret.

Progressions involving the root note and then going to the chord 2 semitones below it, Emin, D, etc

Singing out of tune.
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