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So recently I have been looking for a new singer for my band and rather than bring someone into the studio to do all the vocal demos, I decided it would be quicker to do them myself.

However the initial demo vocals have been getting good feedback, I have never thought of myself as a singer and its been mostly my friends saying the demo tracks were good so I thought I'd put one of them up here to be torn appart


Its just a section from the middle of a track because its all the vocal parts Ihave written for that song so far
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I think you need to sing louder, it's metal/rock. VOLUME. The notes sound correct and stuff just needs to be bigger sounding.
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You sound like your trying to sound metal, rather than just being metal ... if that makes any sense.

No idea how to address that. But it's really hard to be a singer in any popular music genre if you don't sound authentic, and you don't here.

Part of the issue is that you lack confidence - eg, it really sounds like you want to be making a much bigger leap on "This one song" at :25 but you play it safe. But the following lines reveal why you lack confidence: you're a little wobbly when it comes to hitting your pitches.

So working on your fundamentals will probably help, a lot.

You actually sound a lot like someone with an untrained ear, not in that you're missing pitches left and right but that you feel like you don't know exactly what pitches you want to hit, so they'll all sort of vague.