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Recently I bought my first ever tube amp-a 90's Mesa/Boogie Maverick. I saved for many months for this baby. It was the perfect amp. I was looking for something like a Fender amp with higher gain and I found it and more with this. Unfortunately things went awry with the gain channel after a few weeks of playing the heck out of it. First I noticed that the distortion was playing very inconsistently where it would be light and crisp or extra thick and saturated with the same settings. Then all I got was uncontrollable noise. I tried remedying it by buying all new tubes. Over $200 later the clean channel sounds even better than the day I got it but nothing has changed with the gain. The problem has something to do with the treble knob on the gain channel where it is either too quiet to hear below the 12 o'clock position or uncontrollably loud at any point beyond that. My guitar playing friends have thrown around a few suggestions that all suggest that I have a bad connection affecting the electrical current but should not require a lot of skill to fix. I am brand new to tube amps and I am not an engineer at all. Is this an ultra complex task that should be left to a professional, or could I use my soldering gun and fix it myself because it is really not that big of a problem? I cannot spend $75 to fix this amp right now, and I do not have any gigs right now so I can wait to get it fixed professionally. But only playing it acoustically sucks right now. I want that fat tone I paid for!
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Thanks. I am really new to the forums on this site.
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I am really new to the forums on this site.

It's ok, happens all the time.

Welcome to the site!
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