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I have a pretty standard hard case for my acoustic.. I'm not sure what brand it actually is, except to say I bought it new, from a local music store, and it had originally been for a Dean dreadnaught. My Grand Concert fits a little loose in it, but that's no problem... it's a nice quality case and I like it, except for this one weird problem.

Whenever I open the case, the lid wants to fall back shut on me. I have it laying flat on the floor and when the lid is open it's just not very stable... sometimes it even falls shut when I'm trying to put the guitar in, and so far I have caught it with the back of my hand and not scratched the guitar, but it's getting to be really anoying.

I've been thinking about various types of mechanical fixes for this but there's not much you can do because it seems like adding something mechanical inside the case would endanger the guitar when it's closed.

Has anybody else had this sort of a problem, and if so, did you find any good solution ?


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I guess it's an issue with the strap that connects the bottom to cover being to short and will not allow the top cover to fully open. Can you confirm this before I put out suggestions, as I don't want you to ruin it if its to the problem.
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one of my cases does the same thing. I haven't bothered to fix it, it's not that annoying for me.
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One of my cases does the same thing. Once when I was taking my guitar out of the case the lid fell back down on the guitar. The "clamp" part of the lid scratched the side of my guitar, I wasn't a happy camper.

I think it's just a matter of using it more. I forced it wide apart a few times to try and get it to stay open on it's on. These days for the most part it does, but it will still fall back down on occasion.

Idk, I also find it annoying, but I haven't really done anything about it.
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Actually the hinges stop the lid from going any furthur before the strap does... I think if the hinges would have a little more travel the lid could open far enough to stay open because it's weight would be past the exact perpendicular, and it would be leaning towards the rear.

I'm somewhat OCD, if something bugs me I will take a little time to fix it, rather than have to be anoyed by it every day for years to come. I'm thinking tomorrow I'll remove the lid (it's held to the hinges with screws, whereas the hinges are permanantly attached to the bottom part of the case with rivits), and I'll see if I can increase hinge travel a bit.

Another idea I had was to just stick a couple of small rubber feet to the bottom of the case, in the front, so it will be tipped slightly backwards, and the lid will tend to stay open.

Too bad they don't make these cases just a bit better.... but I'll figure something out.

Many thanks for the kind respopnses !

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