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im going out of country for about a month. i want to know how i should leave my guitar as no one will be around. i have a stand and a gid bag. i dont have a hard case.
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Put it in the gig bag and try to keep it somewhere with relatively constant humidity. That's about all you really need to do but even that may be a bit much in my opinion, I'm away at university most of the year (three months at a time or more) and find when I get home that the few guitars I don't bring with me are just fine. They might need new strings when I get back but there's nothing wrong with them a decent clean and a set up wouldn't fix.
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If you have such thing as the Dunlop string cleaner you can put it on the strings so they won't rust. Maybe you can loose the strings a bit so they won't break if the temperature changes, too.
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Just put the guitar in the bag and keep it in a place were the temperature will be fairly consistant. There really isn't anything else that needs to be done.
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