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BC Rich don't have a "good kind" of guitar.
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lol nah the vypyrs alright i dont think any other amp would survive getting dropped down stairs like this one did

I played a 3 hours gig on maximum volume with my vypyr 15 (we didn't have a PA), and I even boosted volume on my MT-2 to make my guitar as loud as drums, and the amp is still as good as new.
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You get my first ever lolstack

The image in my head is just too funny for words at this point

Aw yeah.
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Not really.
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BC Rich don't have a "good kind" of guitar.

I call BS on that one. BC Rich's low end made in Chine line does indeed suck, but they make some really great guitars in they're Korean factories. I played a Pro X Mockingbird at a local guitar shop that was pure sex. I'm actually considering trading up from my Iceman for one...
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You don't need any gear at all, seriously. Just airguitar and jump off a building to your death.

Ometh, you're a terrible person. A sick, twisted, despicable human.

I like that.
RIP Adam
^ I lol'd hard, sig'd.
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I think anyone who accuses people that have a lot of outboard and rack effects of compensating for lack of talent is being naive. Either that or they are just jealous they can't afford it.

If you turn up at a gig with your own amp then you can get your own tone out of it very easily. If tone is important to you and you're in a touring band then you're not going to be using your own amp and you have no way of knowing (before the sound check anyway) what the tone will be like.

I think people who have a lot of outboards are just folks who have a defined tone, and want to keep it that way. Nothing bad on their part.
**** knows. I played and rocked at Wembley stadium to a crowd of 80,000 people with just my guitar and a Marshall MG15DFX.....

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BC Rich don't have a "good kind" of guitar.

Mockingbird NJ Classic.

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Venues mic up the amps anyway. Or at least they do around here. I've played about 100 gigs with just a bass and an amp I played in an Opera House with just an amp. You don't need anything else.

Well, nobody gives a shit if they can hear the bass anyway....
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