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Has anyone tried Re-amping? Where you record your clean signal and the run it back out of the console and into an amp and the record the amp? I read about this online and it sounds interesting, just wanted to get some feedback from someone who may have tried this before.
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Yep. That's how I always do it. Much easier to edit DIs and send it back through an amp, than attempting to edit amped signals.
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Never tried it myself, but I recently read something which suggested doing this as a way of practicing controlling a wahwah pedal - that way you don't have to worry about playing at the same time.
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Thanks, I had never heard of that before, I read an article on re-amping that i wanted an opinion on but you cant post links on here? if you google "Re-Amping Your Guitar Tone Works Magic on Recordings" you will see it, what do you think about that method? I'm looking to record some tracks tonight...Thanks.
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I do it all the time. Very cool, and you can get great results. You need specific gear to do it correctly
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Quote by guitarmasterjoh
and the run it back out of the console and into an amp

.... except you have to use something like a re-amping box to get the signal from your interface (which is line level) up to instrument level, which is what the amp is expecting to see. Especially for heavier music, this matters, as a lot of your tone comes from how hard you drive the amp input.

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