I have decided to strip down an old Squier Showmaster out of boredom, I've successfully got most of the lacquer off the body however there appears to be some kind of resin on the sides. I've tried to remove it, in some cases it can be chipped away but for the most part I can't get the stuff off. Does anyone have any experience or ideas regarding how I can remove it. Despite being cheap it actually played quite well so I'm eager to get it built back up.
Maybe you could try paint stripper? The stuff's pretty strong, I stripped a body with it.
Gave that a try. It won't even touch it. It's like a pale orange resin. Even heavy grade sandpaper fails miserably
belt sander. and rotary to get a little more even then finish with a block.
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Try some NitroMors. If that doesn't work then use a random orbital sander. Don't use too fierce a grit though, it can be very easy to be left with an uneven surface if you do. Remember re speed control is there for a reason.

Good luck
The Nitromors didn't even touch it. Gonna have to break the sander out I think......wish me luck