So this year in University we are going to be doing individual performances at the end of the year with our specified instruments. Mine is six string fretless.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could perform for my final piece?
It can be part of a band, or have any sort of accompaniments I want, as long as the main focus is the bass.

I've been composing a version of No woman no cry that is played entirely on bass as a solo piece (playing the bass and guitar/organ/vocal melodies), but it doesn't really suit the fretless, because it needs the jangly open strings to sound full, and if I simplify it down to much it just sounds like a bare bass line.

Any suggestions?
i'd sooner just write something myself i don't know why you'd buy a 6-string fretless in the first place without any particular musicians or albums or songs in mind that would showcase the instrument
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Dont know how you feel about metal, but all these here, although a few are 5 string songs:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZYhDtg31Wc (< This one here is very bass focused, uses heavy delay and alternates between clean and overdrive)

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I should have stressed that I will not be playing metal.
If I had a band at my disposal I would just cover a Primus tune, but I may not have that option. I was asking for solo pieces preferably.

I think writing something myself is the best option.
Plus it's like 9 months away, so I certainly have the time. I'm just trying to get a heads up.
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God... the obvious choice. I completely forgot that he has the signature fender 6 string fretless. Which I was actually considering saving up for donkeys ago when I bought this one.

Actually he's gone over to Warwick now, new signature model and everything.
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Just because you play a 6 string fretless does not mean you have to showcase a piece for 6 string fretless.
Take a song and make it your own.
I play a six string and for my performance class last year, I got an RnB rhythm section and played the melody of Macy Gray's "I Try" and soloed over the bridge section.

As long as it's honest and well put together, I don't understand why you can't just play a "tune" and make it your own rather than copy/pasting a performance/recording someone else has already done.
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Actually he's gone over to Warwick now, new signature model and everything.

Steve Bailey has been with Warwick for a couple years now (with a friendship dating back MANY years), and indeed has the signature model pictured above. There is nobody that approaches the instrument quite like he does...if you can find his last solo cd - So Low, solo - you'll be inspired at the very least! His technique is unbelievable, and his "voice" on the instrument is very original. Best regards,
You could start with Donna Lee and expand ont he Motif into the Modern Voices of the 6. Make it your own cosntructed on the foundation of a respected classic.

I don't listen much, so this has probably already been done to death.
Then go for it.

Jaco wowed the Bass world with the tune, and the harmonics on a good 6 expounding on the motif could become a Modern Classic for study by other 6ers.

Relevant expansion of the motif might inspire some unique work that could bring not just further development of your coposition skills, but also showcase your present skills as the composition reaches its apex.

If you find the piece inspiring, give it a shot. I am sure Jaco would have had it no other way had he lived to be an instructor. He certainly could have given us a lot more insight as to what he was hearing.
Obscura, Beyond the Creation

Those bands should keep u busy
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