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I hate to do it because I have a lot of good parts from my collection invested in this guitar, but I need $ and I have too many to play as it is. I used a peavey body because I wanted two humbuckers without cutting the body, its super heavy by the way some good wood, and has a strat neck I have built it from scratch, I tarnished and wore the paint to simulate a road worn strat look. It has Duncan 57' humbuckers and a staggered single coil American strat pots and switch. It plays wells and sounds good. I haven't had any problems setting it up it seems to be on the money as far as harmonic adjustment. But it could use a shim under the nut only because I like a little rattle for my blues. I hate to sell it cause I have had some good times with it but I figured it would sell the fastest at the price I'm asking $150 you pay shipping.