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I got Damage Control Demonizer used for sale. I believe is no longer in production.

I changed one of 12AX7 tube to EHX and the other one remain original..

The price will be 300USD and only accept cash by that means will be deal through Cash on Delivery. preferable for you to bring your very own gear or try at any nearest GC or will drop by your place if it's not that far from my location...

I'll be in the States from 10/6/2012 till 10/25/2012.. San Francisco, Portland and Tampa.. and will carry the item along once the buyer confirm

drop in your email at rizuansuradi@gmail.com

The spec for the item would be:

Direct Recording Monster

3 devices in one: tube preamp, direct recording preamp, and tube distortion pedal.
Massive dual 12AX7 gain section with tons of class A gain.
Studio quality opto-compressor based on a classic circuit. Dial in your dynamics simply and easily.
Active pre and post EQ sections.
Pre EQ boost with variable frequency control.
Post EQ features mid scoop control and active treble control.
Advanced all-analog speaker compensation circuit results in the best direct recording tones available with any technology. Developed with extensive analysis of a closed back 4×12.
“Magic Eye” display technology responds to playing dynamics.
Rugged, road ready metal knobs and switches.
20dB of additional footswitchable gain via “nuclear” footswitch.
Crafted with love in the USA
Superior Analog Performance

True Bypass. No compromise relay true bypass for zero loss bypass signal performance. NO tonal degradation.
Premium low noise signal path.
Direct output featuring 14th order advanced analog speaker emulation.
Dual 12AX7s run at their full 250V plate voltage. No starving plates here.

Taken from: http://damagecontrolusa.com/products/demonizer/
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forgot to mention.. the package included whatever in the box.. (manual, adapter, warranty card)