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Does anyone here have any experience with Hell guitars yet? Relatively new company I believe. I am in the hunt for a new piece, wanted something Tele-ish, and stumbled across their webpage. Looks like it is order-only, no retail stores yet. Just wanted to see if anyone had any opinions. I might pull the trigger as an early Christmas present to myself.

(And no, not affiliated with them in any way.)
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First off, I've never heard of them, but after checking out their website ( I'm intrigued! I like the design and color schemes, plus they come loaded with Bare Knuckle's. And the prices are all under $700!
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They're not exactly my visual cup o tea, but at that price, I think they might be worth a gamble.
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hell no.
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Ehh...I'm hesitant.
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Their Bender model looks amazing. I'd be considering one myself for that price, except that I don't really like 24.75" guitars.