Hey guys,
I used to record only on my ipad but now im taking up recording more seriously,the problem is i am on a really tight budget. I need to know all the vital stuff needed for recording.
I understand u need an audio interface onthe computer so I have audacity installed ont it.
For recording all i have is an audio technica ATR 2500 usb mic. I plan to record my guitaring on the same mic.
From what i read it doesn't need a preamp if it does please tell me a good preamp under INR 10000.
And also please tell me other VITAL equipment needed for recording.
Ill be buying all this stuff in less than 8 hours from now so a quick reply will be appreciated.
Read this:

I understand u need an audio interface onthe computer so I have audacity installed ont it.

No. No no no no no.

Audacity is not an interface. It is software, and not very good software. Interfaces are hardware. Go read the thread I linked to and you might start understanding what you're getting into.
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If you would read the sticky, you'd not need to waste time posting. All your questions are answered there.
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Why the rush?

I'd say you should take your time and be sure about what you need and want, and THEN buy your stuff. Don't make a hasty decision based on a half-hearted attempt at informing yourself about what you need and then drop all your money. That's just silly.

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If it's 'urgent', that suggests it's important. If it's important, don't do it at home with cheap gear and hardly any knowledge and experience.

Go to a studio.

It sounds like you don't have a clue what you're doing. Go read up on the basics before you even consider spending a penny.
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