Vocalist/Guitarist who just relocated to Yorktown Heights, NY looking for members to start a hard rock band. Looking to mainly do original music and build a strong, original band--not make a cover band.

I have 9+ years experience on guitar, slightly more on vocals, and am in my mid-twenties. Big influences include bands like Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, Ra, Sick Puppies, Three Days Grace, and Godsmack.

You can find samples of my previous bands/works at:



www.dandevitamusic.com - this site is geared toward acoustic music that I make as well, but it is the most current stuff that I've been playing/singing.

If you're interested or would like to talk further, please shoot me a message either on UG, or at dandevitamusic@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!
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