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Up for sale 1st!

Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer

Selling due to needing funds fast! Great pedal, used to boost my Laney VC30 and thicken up the sound.

Lots of info here!

Looking for £80


Shure SM57

Genuine Shure SM57 for sale! Hardly used since I bought it. Comes with microphone, holder, case and free XLR to Jack Cable!

Looking for £60


Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Bought this some years ago and used it quite often, til my mum broke the headstock! So I repaired it myself (Not very well). It still worked and I still used it to gig but it didn't play as well as it used to. So it gathered dust! So really, this auction could be for you to buy it and repair it better, or use it for spares!

Would prefer pickup on this item or a courier could be sorted.

Looking for £40


ProCo Rat Solo

It's a great fuzz pedal and obviously used to use it to boost when it came to solo time! It's in fully working order and has a 9v battery in it which is working, aswell as having a +9v output on the back for DC power. This version looks different from the other Solo pedals because it's a demo version that was handed out to shops before they finalised the design. The larger knob on the volume is missing, but obviously you can still turn it up and down.

Looking for £50

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What colour is your LP standard? And is it totally ****ed playability wise or does it just need a new neck?

Gizza link to some photos of it or a similar one on a website, thanks.
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Nice guitar but I think I'll give this a miss, I've never done a neck repair before and it'll probably cost a bomb to get it done professionally, sorry!
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If it's just the headstock that broke off, you can get a good repair done for $80-100 USD.
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Pics of the Solo?
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