Few days ago i heard the solo from Shine on You Crazy Diamond from Pink Floyd and i was blown away.It really inspires me but i need more solos/music of that kind of style.I also heard the solo from that song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViNyPIA05ck it's on 1:28
I really need more of that acoustic/clean kind of slow,mysterious,orgasmic (i can't really describe it) type of solos!
Do you recommend any??
Please answer me if you have know some!!
Check out Elvenking - Skywards. Especially the solo at 2:22. This is kind of what you are looking for?
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Anything by David Gilmour really... also maybe try some songs by Dead Meadow (not acoustic/clean but for sure fits the rest)?
anything by david gilmour.
get a copy of the DVD of david gilmour live at the royal albert hall...
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