Hey everyone,
sorry if this is a dumb question as I don't know a whole lot about tubes, but I have a blackstar ht dual, and suddenly its been crackling and the sound is kinda flat, it sounds fine in bypass and its definitely the pedal, not the cables or the amp. I was just wondering if anyone knows if i need to replace the tube or maybe my pedal is goin out?

Any help is greatly appreciated
How long have you had it and how much use does it get? Yes the tubes do need replacing in a pedal that takes tubes, usually they are a standard 12AX7 tube, so this could very well be the issue especially if the pedal has some age to it and see's a considerable amount of use.
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Symptoms sound like a failing tube... But those pedals aren't very hard on tubes, from what I know anyway.
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thanks for the responses, its probably close to two years old but its gotten some heavy use for sure, i got a replacement tube, i'll put it in and update you guys incase anyone else is wondering