I have an Epiphone SG (G400), which had possibly the crappest sounding stock pickups I've ever heard. I had some old pickups from a 1970s Les Paul copy that I took out cause they weren't potted, so I potted these and went to install them in the SG. Here's the problem...

The stock pickups not only sucked, but the bridge pickup hasn't worked for several years - I assumed from when I was a kid and pulled a screw out of it, put it back in, and it hadn't worked since. Very low signal but it is present.. When I put the new pickups in, it's doing the same thing again?

I know that both the new pickups work as there were no problems (other than feedback) when they were in the original guitar, and it's not the switch as I reversed the wiring and it did the same thing but obviously reversed.. I also replaced the volume pot on the bridge pickup and that didn't do it either.

ANY IDEAS?! I love this guitar and would love to have it working, and these old pickups are pretty sweet too. Please help!

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