Hi All,

Here's a jazz-rock oriented track called 'Evenings in Delhi'. More of a take on how I feel about my city.

As always, crit for crit. Check it out here:

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Thanks for the review(s)! Now your tune: drums sound good. Some of the guitar sounds good, some parts could be a bit tighter. Could use some electric bass (or synth bass); other than that the actual audio quality is good. The tune generally sounds best when you have 2 guitars playing at once (sounds more full). On the lead guitar, I think I heard a note once or twice out of key. Keep at it my friend!
Hey, thanks for the crit on mine. On to yours...

Like the sound of the drums from the start, they give the song a nice feel all the way through. Lead guitar has quite a nice tone, and I like what you're playing. I agree with aaron when he says that you could with a bass guitar to give a fuller/more complete sound to the song though. The lead section around 4:00 is probably my favourite part of the track. The riff which you repeat a few times is quite nice too. Overall, it was a really enjoyable listen, good stuff!