My friend's birthday is coming up later this month. I'm willing to dish out a little more than I usually would on a present since I've known him so long.
He recently got an Epi Les Paul standard. He likes the pickups but I think something else in the bridge would give him a little more clarity and just general better tone.
He plays a lot of punk - Dinosaur Jr, Sex Pistols, etc, as well as metal - Pantera, Metallica (his favorite), Avenged Sevenfold, and some grunge/post-grunge/rock stuff - Shinedown, Alice in Chains, RATM, Godsmack.
I think passives would be best as every time we go to GC or somewhere, he avoids actives. Says they're nasty. (I'm not sure what that means). I like passives better too.
I'd like to keep it >$60, willing to go used.
Oh yeah - he has a MG something or other, a 2x12? But only for practice. at gigs and band rehearsal he uses a Valveking head or my DeVille (with several different drive pedals haha). But sadly, mostly the MG.

So far I've come up with Crunch Lab or Super Distortion.

Thanks y'all.
Super distortion was the first thing that came to mind

Are you sure you meant >$60 rather than <$60?

Where's Waldo?

Can't go wrong with JB.
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so I was thinking.
Would a JB be much of an improvement over stock Epi pups? never tried em
i know a crunchlab or super distortion would, having played both.

noob questions ftw
It won't be any less/more of an improvement than the Dimarzios. They're going to have the same quality improvement over the stock Epi's. How the sound improves is entirely up to your taste and what you're looking for in your pickups.
Quote by ihartfood
Would a JB be much of an improvement over stock Epi pups?

They are. They were in my Epi SG.
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kewl. thanks y'all. It was just a bad dream of getting pups that didn't sound good.

Now for you electronics nerds, is there anything wrong with this pickup that would keep it from working? Since I can't post eBay links I'll list them out:

no ohm reading
lots of cover wear
finish wear and corrosion on poles
some light scratches

I don't think any of that would prevent it from functioning.

edit: its a JB btw
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Quite a nice friend you are! Though, me personally, I would of rather gotten a free neck pickup for my stock epi. The neck pick up was absolutely terrible. The bridge was useable.

However, as a good friend, I suggest you order him a full set. Of GFS pups. Plus it wont be 60 bucks.
No ohm reading means no output. At all.
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Quote by Offworld92
No ohm reading means no output. At all.

Unless you're Eddie Van Halen, apparently his Frankenstrat pickup reads zero ohms due to a shorted coil, but there's no argument about the sound he gets from that thing.
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