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if you can't perform any solo music and are in middle school, you're probably gonna make an ass out of yourself by playing a "catchy" metalcore riff without a singer or bassist. get some confidence and talk to the girl, then remember they have cooties and ignore her until high school when she's ready to put out
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You Suffer by Napalm Death. So KVLT, and brootz, and 2 seconds long.
Maybe 4:33, the greatest classical piece of all time.
Or Careless Whisper, over and over, just for the girl.
Slapping the bass.
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If you want to impress a girl, I would play something radio pop on acoustic guitar.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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Play a medley of current mainstream songs or songs most people would know. You need to be able to connect w/ as many audience members as you can, so a medley will do just that. Make it atleast 4 min w/o stopping. The crowd WILL interact w/ you, but not before you interact FIRST. Getting a crowd to clap while you play is easy but you have to initiate it first. Stage presence is EVERYTHING! Dont just stand there, its BORING. You have to move around so dont use a 6 ft instrument cord. Dont forget to tune & double check b4 you play. An out of tune guitar will make you look like an ass. Dry pick for 10 min b4 you go on. Itll help warm you up & ease the nervousness. Goodluck bro \m/
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Play the thing that you can play well in the context of your abilities and the bandmates you have (or don't have).

Don't try to sound like more than you are by playing something at the ragged edge of your abilities, or by trying to fake the sound of having more bandmates.

If you're been primarily playing solo, do something solo. Do something that works as a solo piece - not something that's begging for a rhythm section.

And have fun up there.