Hi all,

Wanted to gauge your opinion on the NM-1 by TC Electronics. I just recently got into ambient music and realized I need a few more pieces to give myself more texture.

I should start and say that I am an amateur and really getting into this, but would like to have options. I don't want to spend a crazy amount on a few effects that I need left, and this looked like a safe bet -- if I ever want to grow and upgrade, I can, but for now I want something versatile and enjoyable without blowing up my pedal board. [EDIT: just realized that you can't have this work like an actual stompbox (with the tap tempo switch acting as an on/off switch]

I need chorus, vibrato, and trem. I believe that is what I am lacking from my current setup (aside from another delay, but thats beyond the point).

Can I get some opinions here? Is this a good sounding pedal for what I want? Are there pedals that offer an all-in-one modulation and the ability to select 2 of them independently (as in without it being a patch?) If I am thinking that the patch system might be flawed let me know... just very confused.

My current setup includes:

MXR Phaser, MXR Flanger, Verbzilla, Hardwire Reverb, DD-7, Boss EQ, DynaComp, Bad Monkey, Wampler Pinnacle, Little Big Muff, and volume pedal.

I do not gig, but hope to one day. Right now, just enjoying where I am at and want something a little extra for the ambient jams.


tl;dr - how is the TC Electronic Nova Modulator for ambient music, seeing as I need chorus, trem, and vibrato.
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