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Check out what my le girlfriend made me *Richard Dawkins is God shirt* I think she's a le keeper
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I'm not totally sure about the morality of it.

If it were me, I'd just listen to my iPod and ignore it. I'm indifferent and don't care.
Well, if they were preaching in a place I can just walk away I wouldn't have a problem with it but since it's in a place where I can't, I disagree with it. I mean, yeah freedom of speech and everything but shoving something down other people's throat in a place where they can't escape is just a dick move.

>Implying anyone reads anymore
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>Implying anyone reads anymore

Awesome. I also didnt know about the state enforced aethism thing. Or that we changed everything because of that.

Its sick how much has been twisted over the years and how much wrong we accept on a daily basis.
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This one?

While I appreciate the vote of confidence, I cannot condone that kind of disrespect for anyone's religion. Informing someone of why you think they are wrong is one thing, purposely insulting the object of their worship is something else entirely. It's not only disrespectful, but it also makes you look silly, after all, why on earth would you bother to insult a being that you don't believe exists? Unless of course you do believe he exists?


I was being sarcastic.