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I have recently began playing guitar again after a 15 year absense, I have been reading through the forum here on UG and have posed a few questions with good advice and feedback from the members here so I figured I would pose another question.

I would like any suggestions or comments on learning material. Books, DVD's, software programs....anything members here would suggest or have expierience with.

I would prefer to avoid anything on-line.

I am in a remote area without much to offer as far as lessons.

I enjoy playing classic rock, 80's metal, ect.

I have been able to pick up on a few riffs and basic things since picking a guitar back up but would like to learn to actually play the guitaR so I would like to hear recommendations of entry evel to intermidiate level learning material.

Any suggestions?
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I've really enjoyed the Rock House Method dvds. They have a wide variety and range from beginner to advanced. I'm kind of in the same boat you are, so these have really heped my playing. you should check em out
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