I'm trying to branch into the Progressive Metal style, I've never written music of this genre single-handedly. I've uploaded the GP5 file, give it a listen and give me your honest opinion. Your critique gets mine if you have something you'd like me to hear.

I've been listening to a lot of BTBAM, djent, and The Contortionist lately, I'm trying to implement some aspects of each without sounding completely like any particular one.
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You've got some really great ideas there, and of course nobody expects a professional song but still, I think you should work on the beginning and the ending. The beginning section, until the 32nd bar gets kind of dull to listen through, try and add something on top of that maybe, make it a little bit more dynamic and interesting, and the last 4 bars for the ending don't sound like an ending at all. That's my 2 cents, everything else was amazing really great job, I kinda fell in love with the heavy part with the tremolo actually (bar 68)
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Well, the beginning is going to be overlayed with vocals. The lyrical idea for the song is a physicist trying to create a white hole in a controlled environment and succeeds, but it gets out of hand and begins consuming and then expelling the earth bit by bit... In the beginning, he's just going on about his experiment, then the chaos breaks out and the whole idea for the really melodic part in the middle is sort of a cry for help.

I'm hoping the vocals will spice the intro up. As for the ending, it was kind of a thing of me getting writer's block and getting tired of writing... I probably will go back and change it a little, but from a theatrical standpoint, it needs to be aggressive at the ending to represent the chaos.

I really appreciate the criticism though, I'm always trying to improve my writing style as much as possible.
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And I really appreciate you not bitching about the criticism you've got a great idea going on, looking forward to hearing the whole thing! Rock on