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so im in a metalcore band and we need a name !

we are metalcore but we dont want a cliche name that is related to death or blood or torment and the likes

so with that in mind ,

let loose with all the band names u can think of!!
Pink fluffy bunnies
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Babylonian Flock of Cows
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Chocolate Anus

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Death Blood Torment.

Or, alternatively, Dream Theatre > Us.
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We Like Quiche And We're Proud Of It
or wlqwpoi for short
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One Direction

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two directions
Take This
Spice Lads
White Eyed Peas
50 Pence
i could go on forever!
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Nipple Shadow!

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ima give a serious answer because i know it sucks to have no ideas for a name

metalcore is a pretty cliche genre (D minor....B flat...repeat), the name you pick will always have a bit of cheesy to it

you got those really long pseudo-intellectual name types like

Argonauts vs Sirens
The Day we Fought Bears
Glass on the Shore

and like mythological/biblical shit like

Hezekiah's Illness
The Scroll and the Lamb
Aphrodite's Wet Dreams

then you have like references to real people or brands and stuff

The Ron Jeremy Experience
Satans Gucci Dildo

there. suggestions and ideas. yay for helping.
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We Like Quiche And We're Proud Of It
or wlqwpoi for short


Casa Bonita.
Flying Buttholes
Bury Your Kittens
Reverse Cowboy Girls
Plumper Lady Lover Club
Auto Mechanics From Pluto
Auto Mechanics From Jupiter
Auto Mechanics From Mars
Heavier than Ounce
Auto Erotic Auto Asphyxiation
Between Two Firs
Oak Tree Group
Forrest Gump and the Shrimp Fishers
George and the Tended to Rabbits
Curly Had A Boner
Boner Killerz
Boner Raisers
Boner and the Jetts
Bon Iver
Von Stinklevits
Free Masons From Mars
Free Masons From Pluto
Free Masons From Saturn
Earth Defense Force 21
Sunrise Sunset

Pick one.
"ingestion of the Excrement of the lords of Valhalla"

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Pitbull Blowjob
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Learning a new cover song? Feel like recording it? And have people listen to it? See the CATPM thread in the Pit. Here's the user group
Bag of dicks
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Smurf Gangbang would also be good.
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