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D000000d, that 7/4 over 4/4 polymeter is ****ing rad! And the 6/8 feel over 4/4 at the start is sick, I'd be super happy with this. Production wise, guitar tone is too scratchy and the rhythms could sit back a bit more in the mix. What guitar do you play?

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Recorded on a Cort KX Custom with Seymour Duncan distortion going into leGion. Hard to get guitars just right with all the stuff going on.

I'm pretty happy with the polymeters and stuff and the whole mesh with 6/8 and 4/4. That 7/4 over 4/4 polymeter is actually a 7/8 over a 7/4 polymeter. The drum is phrased 4/4+3/4 which makes it "seem" 4/4 because of the first measure, and then suddenly the 7/8s of the guitar/bassdrum line up and your brian thinks: "Oh then we're probably at the end of another 4/4th" but you're actually at the end of a 3/4th! I like playing with rhytm like that

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Howdy, howdy, howdy
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Oh wow, I'm going back to check that out, ha!

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Piano part starting at 0:18 is pleasant, first heavy riff sounds pretty cool too. The keyboard sounds which comes in nice, though it's rather low on the mix a somewhat of a struggle to hear clearly. The polyrhythms between drums and guitar are pretty interesting too. Overall, it's very good, short and sweet

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Wow, I loved this! Production is nice. I guess it lacks something to stand as an instrumental track, but with vocals this would be killer. I still like it this way though and I think the guitar tone is awesome, it works well here, that scratchyness gives the track some definition, if that makes any sense. I love the djents near the ending. Also, the part at 1:30 is epic. I guess I've been listening to Periphery too much now, as I can imagine Spencer killing it on that part. Keep it up man! It would be nice to see what you come up with next.

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The part that starts from 0.38 is a bit odd. To me it sounds like bad double tracking, I just didn't get it The mix is great! Dynamics are great throughout! I agree with the rhythm guitars being a bit too on top.

What did you use to make the pianos? They're really nice


All crits appreciated!