Testing out some new tones with a mates Gibson Les Paul Studio in drop C. Guitars are Pro Tools Eleven which, imo, sounded surprisingly decent for this. Literally no processing apart from the EQ on the amp and a high pass. That being said, it takes a bit more to get my PRS sounding nice through it.
Drums are Superior and Slate samples, bass is programmed using Zombass.


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i love it man!so crisp and well produced...i really like the low fi thing in the beginning and then the slam into the main riff,and just the heaviness and thickness throughout(reminds me a bit of meshuggah with of course the grindcore influence you mentioned)...that psychedelic spanish sounding lead at the end was some nice icing on the cake....excellent excellent work,i really dug it...check out my experimental delay thing if you would and return the crit if possible...thanks

something weird and experimental i did a few years back.. keep an open mind

The buildup at the start was a bit akward, I thought it started at 0:17 so I was like WHERE ARE THE DRUMS but then it actually started at 0:34 sounds awesome there but the buildup just set me off. The intro is nice tough with the lofidrums. That sound at 0:57 is pretty cool then a nice generic metalcore riff at 1:00. The chorus sounds nice. Production is well and your playing is pretty tight too. Some of the transitions don't work that well tough. Your guitar tone is nice, it's really showcasing the Gibson and your playing (: I like it when people don't hide behind their sound but actually embrace their own style/guitar sound into their tone.

If you want to C4C check out this https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1566057 . Production isn't as good as yours and my playing isn't that tight so tips would be welcome!
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As mentioned above, the intro is a bit weird, it feels like it would sound more right if it started at 0:17 instead of 0:31. I really like those bridges at 0:54 and 1:23, nice way to build up the verse/chorus. Im not very fond with the guitar tone though, i think that the typ of tone from Joey Sturgis with amp sims had better fit with this type of music. Also im not a fan of that kick, sounds too much like SD2 that everyone uses. Otherwise really good production and if u added vocals the song would maybe be at pair with the production

Mind critting this metalcöre song? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1565735
Haha, the focus is really on the sound/mix more so than the writing, I didn't exactly put a whole lot of thought into it ha! Kick is actually Slate, tottsk1, but I understand