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"VST system link has been deactivated because of too many receive errors"

What does that mean? I tried following these instructions:

When i do self test i get no recieves and only errors. The support page doesnt say what to do next, and even if it does - it doesnt specify how to acess the setup.
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That likely means that either your hardware isn't compatible or you haven't set it up right. Describe your setup/
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Strangely, I get this on Cubase but my mic and output both carry on working fine.
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Lexicon Alpha. Have disabled my previous soundcard drivers and set up my lexicon driver in "Device drivers" in vista. I can hear audio and record music, so i assume it is set up(assume ).
And it is on Cubase le 5
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What are you trying to do with system link?

You're sure you're using an actual S/PDIF cable and not RCA leads? There IS a difference, even though RCA leads will plug into a S/DIF plug.

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