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Quote by TheWarpRider
Is the 50 better than a JVM?

I really like the tone in the beginning of this:

But does it not get have much modern than that? Because that's really vintage.

"Better" is subjective. Better for what you're wanting? I'd say yes. As cath said after a tube swap the JCA50/100 can hold it's own with the big boys easily.
I'd take a JCA50 over a JVM any day.

The 50 is better, man. The 100 is better again. The bigger they get, the more Soldano-like they sound. Go in and try them, you'll understand what I mean.

The 50's clean channel is really sweet vintage tones and it's second channel is crunchy Soldano.
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Buy the JCA50, sell the 333 and then get a Gibson.

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Quote by Cathbard

The 50's clean channel is really sweet vintage tones and it's second channel is crunchy Soldano.

really? mine gets pretty heavy even on the "clean" channel. you can do 80s metal on the "clean" channel. You can't really do clean on the "clean" channel, though.

I mean- it's a bit more vintage-sounding than the overdrive channel. But it's still fairly modern-sounding. and has a fair bit of gain if you crank the gain knob.

EDIT: maybe you mean the 2x12 combo, though. if you do, then that might make more sense

But- agreed. If billy hyde is having a killer sale because they've gone bust, you're going to struggle to beat the jet city 50/100w heads. I got my 50 watt head when thomann was blowing them out at killer prices, too, and they're very nice.
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