I've read too many tricks to get the barre chords right but sadly most of em contradict each other. Can you please please tell me how to get barre chords right?

I'd really appreciate if you could answer these questions related to the technique used to fret barre chords->

1) Index finger : barre the chords Straight/Angled?
2) Wrist: Twisted to left/ Down and forward?
3) Thumb placement: Between 3rd and 4th string/ Slightly behind thumb?
4) Elbow: Touching your waist/ Not touching your body?
5) Overshoot index finger: Yes/No (ie. while barring chords, should I overshoot my finger above 6th string?)
6) Apply Pressure more where: Middle of the index finger/ Thumb?
7) Rolling index finger: Roll on the side to the left/ Use the normal chubby part of the finger?
8) Index finger crease: Use them for barre chords/ Avoid em?

Also, my thumb and wrist hurt like hell. So I think my technique is out of place. Any suggestions please? Do you develop callus on your index finger too once you get used to barre chords?
My thumb hurts when I play a lot of barre chords too. I think it's because I am putting too much pressure against the neck with my thumb.

just remove the middelfinger to get a minor chord

it's just a mather of getting used to it, just like normal chords..

no rocket science bro
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follow that pic... one tip tho roll your first finger to the side and use the side of your finger to barre the strings not the front face of the finger.

also keep your thumb in the middle of the neck, it will make barring alot easier.
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Thanks a lot! But the muscle between my thumb and index finger hurt a lot. Is this normal when you are just starting with barre chords or my technique is just not right?
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Thanks a lot! But the muscle between my thumb and index finger hurt a lot. Is this normal when you are just starting with barre chords or my technique is just not right?

It's usually a symptom of using the wrong muscles to do the work. It's kind of hard to explain but you should be using your thumb just to counterbalance the neck, all the fretting force should be coming from your fingers.
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Someone said to go to justinguitar, someone said follow that image. But what Justin advocates is rolling your index finger on to its edge, something that picture doesn't show.

My biggest difficulty is getting my ring finger inside the fret. I always come in too high because of the pinky, and string buzz becomes an issue.
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My barre chord is almost like the picture above but the positions of my ring finger and pinky are switched, it just come more naturally to me.

Don't press with the thumb, instead press with the four fretting fingers towards your body and keep the guitar steady with the strumming arm.