Hey there,

I am new here and think I am posting in the right category.

I recently bought the Boss me-70 pedal, and i tried playing with it a bit. Now i would like to achieve this kind of sound (Björn Gelotte/In Flames)


Could anyone advice this noob on how to achieve a somewhat the same sound? I have a marshall MG50CFX amp and this BOSS ME-70 pedal. Do I need extra gear? I have read a lot about the peavey 5105, is it worth getting?

My guitar is a ESP LTD EX-401FM with EMG 81 (B & N) Active p.u.

Get yourself another guitarist to play the harmony parts, that's the key to that sound

Your best bet with your current set up tonewise is probably to run your amp clean and use the r-fier setting on the ME70. Set all the controls to noon then tweak too tase.
Thanks for the advice seljer! I as playing around with the r-fier setting already. I guess I don't have to se the 'metal' distortion setting?
If you are looking to tone match as opposed to create your own tone, I would suggest selling your current gear and getting a peavey vypyr tube amp. You'll have almost every tone available to you with that amp.