For the past couple of months I've been into classical stuff (Paganinni, Vivaldi etc..), and while I was trinscribing sheet music into guitar tabs I was always adjusting fingerings, to make piece easier to play. So, I was wondering is it better idea to make fingerings more complex and more difficult to play for the sake of technique developement. In Vivaldi's summer (3rd movement) same part can be played using sweeping, some string skipping and even crazy tapping in style of Michael Romeo. So do you guys make fingerings more difficult sometimes to make it as a exercise?
Depends if you want to make it into an exercise, just play it in the easiest way (for you) or to play it the way that sounds best.

Sometimes i'll turn all kind of stuff into etudes to develop a sorten technique.
Sometimes i'll change the fingering because the tab fingering was impossible to play.
Sometimes i'll sweep instead of alternate pick (for example)

It depends on the situation.
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