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Hi there, people
My name is Pablo Valencia, I'm 20 years old, I write songs since age 14.

This will look a little bit odd, but I live in Argentina, in a city named Buenos Aires, music from here is not enjoying a good time because there is no new artists or new groups to listen to, also, in this country you have to pay in order to get gigs, it's really difficult for us to share our music, but we're still trying everything in order to make our dream true, I enjoy writing, singing and playing my own songs.

I have a band named Overdose, and I want to share some of our songs from an album that we released this year, named "ABAJO" (that means "down" in spanish) it is an album with some songs in english language and others in spanish, we also released a videoclip against animal cruelty and testing.

I just wanted to see some opinions or critics, because they are very important for me, it helps me to eventually get better or correct some things that will help me in the future.

Thanks a lot for giving me the chance to promote or share our music with you, you can find the links to hear our songs in the bottom of the post.



Download our album: **ww*
Facebook: ww*
YouTube: htt*p://ww*
MySpace: ht*tp://ww*

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