I posted a few days ago about what kind of microphone I would need in order to record my instruments, and sometimes vocals, so it can go through my looper.

It seems like theres two main microphones, dynamic or something and condensor. I have been told now that I need a mixer in order for this to work or pick up enough sound. I just want to see what you guys think is the easiest/cheapest option out there but still sounding good.

you want a dynamic mic, condensers tend to be pretty specialized and require phantom power and whatnot. The RC3 is a stombox that's designed to take an instrument level signal, so you shouldn't need a mixer or anything to amo the mic (in any case all you'd need is a mic preamp like this you will probably need an XLR to 1/4'' cable though, and that will do nasty things to your sound quality, as those are pretty much universally cheap crap.
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