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I have about a £400 budget, and would most likely go used because i could get more bang for my buck.

My mate has a warwick $$ and i love it, but i dont think i can get one used.

so something like that maybe?
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at that price, esp used, you're best off cruising shops and local sales sites and trying to find a bass you personally enjoy playing/has a good tone for whatever you're going for

metal is really vague, though. if you're looking for a low F#, the cheapest you'll get that'll handle it is a dingwall combustion, for example.
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bass doesn't have specific brands that are 'best' for certain genres. the jazz bass is used in pretty much any genre you can name, yes there are some which are associated with some genres more than others, but in all honesty, you can get by with pretty much anything.
what are you doing about amps? you WILL break your guitar amp one way or another if you play bass through it.
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I've got an Ibanez SR in that pricerange and its pretty good. Very light. Easy to play. The preamp and pickups are much better than whats on the entry level Ibanezes.

But like mentioned, any bass should do

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what are you doing about amps? you WILL break your guitar amp one way or another if you play bass through it.

If you're only using it for recording, just get a bass with active elecotronics and run it direct. If you want the amp 'sound' you can run it through a amp simulator VST plugin. I've gotten decent results by just using some Ampeg SVT impulse responses.
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Musicman Sterling Stingray with heavy gauge strings, or pretty much ANY Ibanez you can afford for £400.