recently finished recording an album at home. I didn't think it could be done, but I decided to try my luck against the impossible. It's definitely not "pro" quality by 2012 standards, but I think it can hold it's own next to many commercial recordings.

Everything was recorded using Sonar 6 and eventually an upgrade to Sonar 8. Mics consisted of an SM57, CAD KBM412, and a pair of Superlux Smk-H8Ks. No software instruments, no Autotune. Basically going for a very "real" sound, though I think I'm gonna see just how slick and produced I can make my next one

It's kind of 90's alt/rock meets modern emo
Anyway, tell me what you think

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Very nice production, sounds fantastic. The crunchier electric guitar tones seem to muddy things up a bit - they don't feel as wide in the stereo spread as they could be and seem a little unfocused - but it all gels together brilliantly.

Nice album!
Emo's not really my cup of tea so I'm not going to comment on the musical side (because it wouldn't be fair - would you send someone who dislikes Groundhogs to Punxsutawney?).

Production-wise though ... the recording quality is really good. I particularly like your drum sound - it has a nice live quality to it - and the jangly guitars are great. I think maybe your vocals could come up a bit as they have a tendency to get overwhelmed when things get noisy, although in point of fact that very quality reminds me of early REM recordings (there are some tracks where you can barely hear a word Stipey's singing on their first album). Also the distorted guitars tend to overwhelm the rest of the sound - that could be that the fader's too high, that the EQ needs a bit of adjustment, or it could be to do with how you've panned them (if you've got the same sample panned l/r it's like having one great big guitar sample smeared across the entire stereo spread rather than localised to a particular spot)

All the above aside though I like the sound you've got. Considering you've done it all yourself it's a really good effort.

And I know what you mean about distorted guitars - they can be a real arse to mix. I'm up to v. 8 of choke (see links in my sig) and they're still not quite right. Makes you want to headbutt the wall :/
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Good job. Vocals definitely need to come up in some parts, and the distorted guitars could do with having the higher frequencies raised a bit, they sound a bit too.. lacking in clarity.. is the best way I can describe it haha.

Otherwise all sounds very nice.