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This is a track I've been sitting on for 5 months now, I finally got around to doing guitar and drum takes. Recently added strings and bass! I plan on having a friend add vocals in the nearish future. My main areas I want critiquing are production, mix, and especially what the hell to do with the ending? I'm debating on just layering and layering until a climax and the song ends, adding a solo, or leaving as is and doing a "MAN THE RAMPARTS" (Botch) sort of thing with vocals.

I will C4C for sure so don't hesitate to comment
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I dug it. I could definitely hear the Opeth and the Neurosis. Some of the guitar work was a tad sloppy, but a lot of it was pretty hot. Obviously a bass track would be nice (that is if you don't have one. my headphones are burning out any one of these days)

Also there is much space where the guitar isn't doing a whole lot that'll have to be made more interesting by other elements.... solos, vocals, etc.

In a way, I'm just repeating what you said. But I'd really watch how long you let a track run. Neurosis does a fantastic job of keeping a song crushingly slow while keeping things interesting. I'd say to build up towards the end. Your song hits rock bottom volume wise in the middle; its all up from there. Use that to your advantage.

At the end of the day, its your song. Find something that sounds good and roll with it.
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I just updated the track with bass and strings along with some remixing, it's basically finished now save for vocals. I think the strings added a bit to the buildup in the middle, but I feel like something is still missing that could be added, anyone have an idea what to add there?
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The middle section is surprisingly effective, especially the ambient sound which is suitably sepulchral. The guitar here could have a little reverb to suggest distance, rather than the close-miked sound you have.

When it returns to heavy it should be louder, more dramatic, like the opening chord of Black Sabbath. Something to rattle your bones and jolt you out of the torpor.

It's nearly 8 minutes long, which I was dreading a little, but it didn't feel too long in any way at all. I guess this is because you successfully achieved the mood you were aiming for.

All I'd say is you need to get a bit more dynamic range in there.