This song is reggae styly with heavy horns. Haven't posted in awhile, I'd really appreciate some feed back. Thanks!

Lazy woman, lazy woman
Why do you sleep all day?
My lazy woman , my lazy love
The sun is up it's time to go play

I say woman, my lazy woman
You can still have a lazy day awake, so don't wait

I just want to hold you because I love
When you dance with sun, above
I just want to hold you in my arms,
I just want to hold you

Hold you before you return to bed, and
Love you before you rest your head

Lazy woman, my lazy woman
Lay your head in my bed
Oh lazy woman, my lazy love, I
Don't care if you sleep a whole month
Cause all I want
Is to hold you baby

Lazy woman
All I want is you
Lazy woman, my lazy woman
I will wait for you
To wake up
I couldn't get past the misogyny, even unintended (which I'm guessing is the case). Try "Lazy Lover"?
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The word lazy has a negative connotation, so I kept thinking the lazy woman was an undesirable woman. Is that what you intended?